DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe

This DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe is the perfect, 3 ingredient answer to dry hands and feet. Use any time to restore moisture and clear away dead skin. Easy and fast!

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I remember the first time I smelled the scent of lavender. I was maybe 15, and had walked into a Crabtree & Evelyn store without knowing what it was. I still remember thinking that I wished I had a bunch of money so I could buy one of everything! As soon as I sprayed on Lavender Eau de Toilette, I was smitten. It is still, to this day, my favorite scent. That’s why one of the very first things I made when I opened my online shop was lavender sachets. I have not had much luck growing lavender myself, but I will never give up trying. Just the very thought of having my own lavender is all the incentive I need. So…in the spirit of sharing my lavender obsession, up today is a DIY lavender sugar scrub. 

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“As rosemary is to the spirit, so lavender is to the soul.”

If you’ve never made a sugar scrub, you are in for a treat. They are the best thing ever to restore moisture to dry hands or feet. I always use sugar scrub on my hands after gardening. It really does work miracles on abused hands. The recipe featured today can also be used as a lavender body scrub. It is safe to use on your body. Personally, I don’t use it on my face, because I don’t need that much moisture. If you carefully avoid the eyes, and rinse well, this lavender body scrub can be used on the face. 

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DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe: supplies needed

  • sugar
  • coconut oil
  • lavender essential oil
  • lavender buds (optional)
  • some sort of container. (I use mason jars. If you want to give a jar as a gift, I’ve included a handy tag printable at the end of the post.)
lavender sugar scrub in jars2021

The ratio for any sugar scrub is 1 cup sugar to 1/4 cup oil. I prefer coconut oil, but any kind of oil can be used. Canola and olive oil are good choices, but keep in mind the olive oil adds a light green tint to the scrub. To soften the coconut oil, microwave the jar for a few seconds before measuring. I literally put the whole jar of coconut oil in the microwave!

jars of lavender sugar scrub2021

Lavender Sugar Scrub Packaging

Once you have your scrub mixed together, package it in air-tight containers. I used 8 oz. Ball mason jars, but any sort of jar would work as long as the mouth is big enough to scoop out the scrub. The two cup recipe in the recipe card makes three 8 oz. jars of scrub. For this post, I doubled the recipe (4 cups sugar/1 cup coconut oil) and got six jars of sugar scrub.

lavender sugar scrub recipe packaged in jars2021

To make the packaging extra special, I cut circles of kraft paper and tied them around the top of the jars with string. It would also work well to simply use paper lunch bags, or any brown bags you have on hand. I used a fruit bowl for a template, and then fit the circle to the jar with my hands. I also tucked in a little wooden spoon to use for scooping the lavender sugar scrub out of the jar. The final touch was a custom, printable tag. Get the details on how to get these tags at the end of the post.

Ways to Use Lavender Sugar Scrub

  • Makes a very special hostess gift.
  • Perfect as a favor for bridal or baby showers.
  • Use as a teacher gift…teachers always have dry hands!
  • Tuck in Christmas stockings or Easter baskets.
  • This lavender sugar scrub makes a beautiful, homemade Mother’s Day gift.
  • Give this to your best girlfriend and she will love you forever.
lavender sugar scrub in jar with tag2021

I used Rocky Mountain Lavender Essential Oil for this post because I had it on hand. My honest opinion is that a less expensive oil would work just as well. As I have become more comfortable with essential oils and their uses, I’ve tried brands other than Rocky Mountain, although it’s still my favorite. Rocky Mountain Oils are wonderful, and I can purchase them through my Prime membership on Amazon. Rocky Mountain falls in the middle when it comes to the price of essential oils. There are more expensive, and less expensive brands, and many times I can’t tell the difference. I have listed a few different lavender oils at varying price points, so you can decide for yourself what you want to use.

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DIY Lavender Body Scrub Recipe Sources:

lavender sugar scrub in jar with tag2021

DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub

This DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe is the perfect, 3 ingredient answer to dry hands and feet. Use any time to restore moisture and clear away dead skin. Easy and fast!
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Servings: 3 8 oz. jars
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Packaging Time 30 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 20 to 25 drops drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 teaspoons lavender buds (optional…I usually don't use them.)


  • Soften coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds before measuring. Combine sugar and coconut oil in a large bowl. Stir until completely mixed together. Add lavender buds (if desired) and lavender essential oil. Stir again. Package in air-tight containers. Glass mason jars or metal jars with a screw top lid work best.
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    1. Ann Drake says:

      There is a form at the end of the post…fill it out and the sugar scrub PDF will arrive in your email. The tags are included with the PDF. The explanation is at the end of the post! Enjoy!

  205. Hi I was wondering where the tags would be plz am I missing some thing as can’t seem to see them

    1. Ann Drake says:

      There is a form at the end of the post…fill it out and the sugar scrub PDF will arrive in your email. The tags are included with the PDF. The explanation is at the end of the post!

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    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Teri! If the sugar scrub is made with coconut oil, you can try adding some extra to see if it helps soften it. Also, before you add the coconut oil, heat it in the microwave for just a few seconds to warm it up.

  208. Talia Hafez says:

    I have two questions, is this safe for pregnant women and is it ok if I don’t have lavender buds??

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Talia…I am not a medical expert, so I cannot answer the first question. It’s perfectly OK to leave out the lavender buds. The scrub will actually have a longer shelf life.

  209. Andrea Smith says:

    Can you adjust the recipe for a 6oz jar?

    1. Gayle Minkus says:

      Cutting the original recipe in half for an 8 oz jar results in 1/4 cup oil to 1 cup sugar in a half recipe. Since 6 oz is 3/4 of the 8 oz sugar, the oil should be 3/4 of the quarter cup oil–or 3 Tablespoons. At least that’s my math.

    2. Gayle Minkus says:

      Ooops–essential oil: 8 to 9 drops (half of 20 drops is 10 so 3/4 of 10 rounds up to 8; and the 25 works out to about 9).

      1. Susan Yagiela Williams says:

        I have a real problem with scents. Can lemon or orange essential oils be used instead of lavender?

  210. How long do these sugar scrubs last?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      If you leave any fresh ingredients out, and include just coconut oil, sugar, and essential oil, they last for months. I have used jars that were going on a year old and they were perfect. Just make sure they are in a tightly sealed jar. Enjoy!

      1. Thanks. I have one more question. Does the coconut oil have to be melted or does it just have to be a solid but softened a bit?

        1. Ann Drake says:

          It doesn’t have to be melted. It just needs to be soft enough to mix in with the sugar. Thanks!

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    Thanks, just made this for Valentine teacher’s gifts. Nice because I had all the stuff and some cute jars to use up. My daughter used the leftover on our hands when cleaning up and our skin feels great.

  212. Ann Hardy says:

    Hi Ann, very timely as I have lots of lavender ready to harvest. Do you wait until the buds are dry on the stem or do you use purple buds? Making sugar scrub today!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Ann…it’s best to use dried buds. Enjoy!

  213. Your email came just in the nick of time when I was trying to think of something to give the secretaries at my grandsons school. The scrub went together fast and it went perfectly with the lavender candles I already had for them. Thank you.

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  215. Carrie Geller says:

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    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Carrie…I did a quick search on Amazon and both oils are available. My favorite brand is Rocky Mountain Oils. Both RMO oils are for sale on Amazon…they are pricey though!

    2. Tiffany Smith says:

      I found frankincense at Walmart in the oil section.
      The Home and something brand is pure frankincense oil. Not the Walmart brand. Look at the ingredients before buying.

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    Sadly we had to dig up the bush for two reasons: the meter reader dude was threatening us b/c it kept getting bigger and more difficult for him to get behind it to read the dumb meter…….but the REAL reason was I found out the hard way there is such a thing as underground bee hives.
    I was watering the bush and must’ve stepped on it or something cuz the next thing I knew I was completely attacked by a billion stinging bees. It was BAD – I ended up getting an infection from some of the bites on my shins and to this day carry scars! I had to go get a tetnus shot too! So that is my unhappy story of the tiny little cheap plant that grew so fast in its sunny dry spot and grew to be humongous and gave me much much pleasure. Sniff.
    Oh and you mentioned your first time smelling lavender – first time I ever did I had the same reaction – what IS that scent?????????? I happened to be in Provence just before lavender harvest time – and was driving through fields of it. I freaked. Every time I smell it I think of that experience! So thank you for your recipe, and for the tags and for inspiring me. I think I will make some tomorrow since the weather is so awful.

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    1. Ann Drake says:

      Sure! You can also use any type of essential oil you want or have on hand. Enjoy!

  221. I made this and it is really nice! Thanks so very much! I purchased 8 small PLASTIC “Mason” type jars (small) at Michael’s for $5.00 to put the scrub in. I didn’t want people to have to take glass into the shower/bath.

  222. Linda Jewell says:

    Hi Ann
    Thank you so much for the Lavander Sugar Scrub. I volunteer to do the hospitality each June for VBS at our church St Joachim’s. I always make the volunteers gifts for their service. The scrub was a hit. Actually, I need to make
    another batch for the staff.
    Thank you for this great idea!

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    I adore your lavender recipes Ms. Ann!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  224. Hi Anne have you experimented with different sugars? I’m wondering about raw instead of plain white sugar.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      No I’ve never tried raw sugar…but if the granules aren’t too big I think it would work fine!

  225. Thanks for this great idea, Ann! I just made this as a birthday gift for a friend who loves lavender. I wanted to provide some feedback based on my experience. The recipe was spot-on and made a nicely textured scrub, and it made my hands so smooth! While I love the smell of coconut in baked goods, I felt that the coconut oil aroma masked/conflicted with the lavender smell, so I ended up using a lot more lavender oil on that batch. I used olive oil on the second batch, which had a milder aroma, but as you mentioned, it made the scrub yellow (plus it reminded me of all the salad dressing I make with olive oil!) I used canola oil on the last batch, which was the most neutral and didn’t compete with the lavender. Of all three, I liked the aroma of the canola oil batch the best, but I found the coconut oil to feel the most luxurious on my skin. I hope this feedback is useful to your readers.

    1. JoAnn Weimer says:

      Is the coconut oil a “solid” that needs to be heated to liquid or is it a liquid form to start i.e. olive oil or canola oil?

      1. Ann Drake says:

        The coconut oil is a soft solid. You can microwave the jar of coconut for a few seconds to soften it before measuring.

        1. Great. Thank you for your reply

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    1. Love lavender! For me it can be both calming and invigorating. Thanks for the easy scrub recipe!

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  233. My coconut oil is solid at room temperature. How do you get it to mix with the sugar?? Love sugar scrubs

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Nanci! I just put my jar of coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds to loosen it up a bit. Maybe 10 to 15 seconds. It will sort of pour right into your measuring cup.

      1. Great gift idea!!! And…easy!